Amy Saunders says giving up sugar cleared her acne

Amy Saunders
A blogger has revealed how she overcame her fifteen-year struggle with acne thanks to adopting a natural approach to skincare including ruling out sugar.
Amy Saunders, 27, from Brighton, was dismissed by doctors who told her that hormone filled medication would be her only chance of having clear skin.
Amy was just 11-years-old when her acne started on a family holiday to the Caribbean.
Amy Saunders
Putting her change in complexion down to the suncream she was using, Amy expected her skin to return to normal after she came home but it didn’t.
Throughout her teens, Amy’s spots didn’t bother her too much as she assumed that it was something she would soon grow out of.
It wasn’t until she came off her contraceptive pill at 24 that her skin flared up like never before and she felt unable to leave the house without a full face of makeup out of fear of strangers’ negative comments and her own poor self-confidence.
Formerly a makeup artist for film and TV, she tried to ‘kid’ herself into thinking she had clear skin through her skilled makeup application.
Struggling with her self-image the advice Amy received from doctors was to go back on the pill or start Accutane, a medicine used to treat very severe acne.
From this, she started her blog, Skyn Therapy to chart her own natural healing journey and to inspire others wanting to pursue this route instead of medication.
She said: ‘When I came off the contraceptive pill at 24, my skin erupted like never before. Even whilst on the pill, my skin was never clear and I would never leave the house without a full face of makeup but the reaction my body had after coming off the pill was indescribable,’ she said.

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