Wonder Woman 2 filming started

Wonder Woman 2
The DC Extended Universe has had a rocky beginning, but easily its greatest success was last year’s Wonder Woman.
he film earned positive reviews, not least for Gal Gadot’s tremendous performance, and grossed more than $800 million worldwide.
Given that success, nobody was surprised when Warner Bros. signed up for Wonder Woman 2, and director Patty Jenkins earned a significant pay raise for the second film; she’ll reportedly earn a sum in the “high seven figures”.
Wonder Woman 2 is expected to begin filming in the summer, and initial reports had suggested Jenkins would return to the Warner Bros. Studio in Leavesdon, England.
Now, however, contradictory reports are suggesting that the bulk of filming will actually happen in the U.S..
In an interview last year with Entertainment Weekly, Jenkins suggested that the sequel would actually be set in the U.S.. “She’s Wonder Woman”, Jenkins noted. “She’s got to come to America. It;s time”. This quote is supported by Omega Underground, who report that the film will be shooting in and around the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. They further report that shooting is expected to begin in June.

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