God of War gameplay leaked

God of War gameplay
Santa Monica’s God of War title coming soon to PlayStation 4 has everyone excited to see all of the various changes with the latest title.
Seeing Kratos and his son in action among a completely different mythology will be a huge treat for both veteran fans and newcomers to the series, and now we’ve got a closer look at what’s to come because new gameplay footage has been leaked ahead of schedule to show off the unedited experience.

God of War NEW Exclusive Gameplay footage has been leaked [Video] from r/PS4

The video appeared on Reddit and it gives an up close and personal vantage point of Kratos in action. The footage seen in the video above looks pretty similar to that of the game’s first reveal back at E3 in 2016.
We also get our chance to see his enchanted axe in all of its powerful glory and it definitely packs a powerful punch. The footage itself looks phenomenal and it’s nice to see that it matches up fairly even with previous looks.
Sometimes developers put too much editing into their reveals that it’s hard to gauge what the experience will actually be like. This footage, however, proves that there are plenty of reasons to be stoked.
God of War 4 debuts exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on April 20th.

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