giant three-person slide at Youtube office

giant three-person slide at Youtube office
Would you be able to get any work done if your office had a giant three-person slide, miniature golf greens, and snack bars? We’re not so sure… but these are some of the perks of working for YouTube in their amazing San Bruno, California offices.
Originally designed by William McDonough + Partners, this office building used to be inhabited by Gap Inc.
But when they were bought by Google in 2008, execs for the video-sharing company hired Huntsman Architectural Group to transform the interiors into a bright, airy and open environment, perfect for collaborating.
Fun furnishings like wooden picnic tables, whiteboard walls (so they’ll never forget an idea) and employee-crafted art fills the space, as well as lots of the company’s signature red, black and white color palette.
And it’s not all about aesthetics — this compound was voted the second most energy-efficient office building in the state.

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