Dogs Pee in their Dish

Dogs Pee in their Dish
Joyce Jefferson wondered why her dogs urinate in their food dishes if they’re not collected right away.
It’s not a food review.
This is likely a territorial marking behavior, “either [on] the area where the dog eats, or the actual bowl,” says Leticia Fanucchi, an animal behaviorist at Washington State University.

Because Jefferson has more than one dog, the canines are likely competing for resources—whether it’s food, dishes, or space.
In some cases, underlying anxiety or being bullied by another dog can trigger a pet to mark its territory. Feeding pets in separate areas can help, Fanucchi says, and so can using ceramic or stainless steel bowls instead of plastic, which retains a dog’s odor.
We’re so thankful our friends just put wine charms on their glasses.

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