Whales have Antennae

Whales have Antennae
In the 17th century, a Frenchman named Pierre Pomet released a book on the natural world that was filled with illustrations of the strange animals that inhabit our Earth.
Each picture was full of beautiful, vivid details of what these strange creatures looked like all drawn based on what Pomet had seen when he closed his eyes and imagined really, really hard.Pomet’s whales, in particular, looked a bit strange.
He insisted that one could tell a male whale from a female whale by their heads. According to Pomet, the males had hands with fingers, a long sheet of metal on their backs, and massive, armored heads like the kind you’d see on a Chinese dragon. And on top were two long antennae, each with a fluffy little pom-pom on the end.
His female whales were a bit closer to real life, but they still had antennae. Pomet insisted that these antennae were the key to telling the genders apart.
On the females, he claimed, the antennae were much shorter and stubbier.

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