Big Brother former Rocio Gancedo committed suicide

Big Brother former Rocio Gancedo committed suicide
Former Big Brother Rocio Gancedo committed suicide. The 29-year-old model was thrown from the fifth floor of her apartment in the neighborhood of Las Cañitas, at noon on Wednesday.
She had been hospitalized this year in a psychiatric clinic due to a strong depression after the death of her father.
I was able to talk to the concierge: she threw herself in. She told me the manager of the building who was talking to her and who knew she was there, this was around noon, I always saw her around here but it was not noticeable, she said. a neighbor in Intruders, when the police were already at the door of the building.
Minutes later the police part of the Police Station 31 of the City Police was found, confirming the identity of the model, and suicide.
He threw himself into the public highway from the balcony, falling onto the sidewalk, hitting part of his body on a motorcycle that was parked without occupants, and in consultation with the prosecutor’s office, he ordered a slogan in the building and that the criminalistics office came to the place. de Rocío Gancedo.
Big Brother former Rocio Gancedo committed suicide
A while ago the blonde had moved away from the media to approach religion. I started going to the church where Bernardo Stamateas is, thanks to him I started this journey of faith, where I met Jesus, I met God, and the truth that transformed me.
I watch YouTube videos of myself and say:”I can not be the same! , counted months ago, about his new search.
Big Brother former Rocio Gancedo committed suicide
This year the former Big Brother was voluntarily interned in a psychiatric clinic due to severe depression, following the death of his father. After one month in the hospital, she was discharged and continued with outpatient treatment.
During the first times she was renewed, with Zoe , her new pet and company . He also returned to one of his old loves: painting.
A few days after receiving discharge, the model told Intruders that she had been abused as a child: My mother sent me to play at the house of a friend of hers, who had a daughter who was 15.
That girl already had boyfriend, everything, was already developed, but was younger than I. This girl took advantage of me, she made me … I’m not going to tell her, she said through tears in April of this year.
Gancedo became known in the media for participating in the 2011 edition of Big Brother. After fourteen days of confinement, the model was the first eliminated from the house and then re-entered thanks to a repechage. After nine days he left the house by his own decision.

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