Taylor Swift turns Nude cyborg in Full

Taylor Swift turns Nude cyborg in Full

Taylor teased fans with a teaser on Monday showing herself as a nude cyborg, And four days later Taylor Swift delivered the full music video for her Joseph Kahn directed …Ready For It? in which she appears to pay homage to various science fiction films.
However, some of the visuals in the clip drew gasps for reasons other than the flesh on display – including apparent references to her exes.

The use of an apparent cyborg made some reflect on Taylor’s pen name Nils Sjöberg which she used for ex Calvin Harris’ hit This Is What You came for.

The word cyborg could under the right circumstances appear to sound like Sjöberg (cy-berg).
And the video’s director appeared to confirm it by tweeting ‘Nils Sjöbot’ as in robot or cyborg.

Taylor Swift turns Nude cyborg in Full

While other drew allusions to the amount of lightning in the video to that of the cover art for Calvin’s single.

Other fans were quick to see not only Taylor’s birth year (’89 scrolled in the video) but also her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s date of birth as 91 was written in yellow.

Fans with a penchant for transcribing and memorizing plots of films noted how the lyrics in the song ‘Knew he was a killer/ First time that I saw him’ may refer to Alwyn’s film Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, where he played a vet suffering from PTSD.


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