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Can you go inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa

While you wait for your time slot to climb the almost 300 steps to the top of the 55 meter tall bell tower in the Square of Miracles you can …


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Kim Kardashian breasts nude and topless

Kim Kardashian has sparked controversy after posting a topless picture to Instagram that was taken by her daughter North.

Who is Firuze Gamze Aksu?


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World most disgusting Beetle

Planet Earth has been holding out on us. Apparently, there’s a beetle that escapes certain death in the belly of a toad by shooting a toxic, 212-degree chemical mix from …


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Persimmon benefits for Health

Persimmon is the name given to a number of different species of highly similar fruits from the same scientific family, Diospyros. As more information about ancient cultures has emerged, thanks …

Get rid of man boobs

Science and Tech

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Rating of the most secure popular messengers

Today messengers rightfully occupy a worthy place among the most used office software and tools for business communication.


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Hyphen (-) in Korean Names

Who said i like you?

Guy smokes tide pod